Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Second time around

With the profit from the first flip, we were able to be a little more ambitious. I found the cutest little bungalow in North Oak Cliff. As soon as I pulled it up on the MLS, and noticed that it had just come on the market that day, I went to go check it out. I left the house so quickly that I left the TV and all the lights on in the condo.

I fell in LOVE when I saw it. It was in a pretty transitional area... equal distance between pawn and drug land as to the million dollar mansions of Kessler park. This street was a small street of mosty rennovated homes.

We put in an offer that same day, and heard that there were already four others. We increased the offer, and heard the next day that we got the house. We couldn't quite handle it on our own, and got the opportunity to go in on it with partners/friends Aaron and Jennifer Penrod, which turned out to be a lot of fun.
We ended up gutting the kitchen and bathroom, taking down a wall to open the kitchen, as well as installing a new porch, all new light fixtures, fixing the foundation, painting and dressing up the place.

It sat on the market longer than we hoped. We priced it pretty high at first (against my wishes). Historic areas limit your buyer pool quite a bit. You have to find the perfect buyer who loves the character, and doesn't mind hearing gun shots every once in a while :-) It ended up being on the market for 4 months before we sold it.

It was my dream house, and I miss it SO much. I am so glad we sold it to a young couple like us, who consider it their dream house as well. I hope they enjoyed it has much as we did.

Outside Before:

Outside after:

Living Room before:

Living Room After:

Another angle of the living room

This picture is taken from the kitchen

This is the original 1916 kitchen. I hated gutting it, although it was impractical:

TaDa!!! The new kitchen. That's more like it!

Guest Room Before:

Guest Room after:

Master Bedroom After (no before shot):

Another view of the master:

Bathroom before: we would have kept the clawfoot if this wasn't the only bath in the home:

Bathroom after:

Overall this was a much tougher flip. I loved the home, but it was stressful waiting for an offer. The week that we closed on this house in Oak Cliff, I got an offer for a great job in Frisco! (that's about a 45 minute commute in the morning, and between an hour or two hour commute home depending on traffic... and Dallas decided to put in a new tollbooth at Wycliff during this time period, so I rarely made it home in less than an hour and forty five minutes!)

I miss this house. I loved it. It was a big job... but it was a lot of fun.

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