Sunday, December 30, 2007


I didn't expect to see this when I got to the house:

YIKES!!!! What a mess!!!!

Guess which contractor this item belongs to:

I think they may have spilled some paint on their radio

We have been keeping an eye out for a 30" wide and 51" tall stainless steel oven... and have not been able to find one. I was so excited the other day when I found one at the Sears outlet center. I called Jarrod and stood gaurd so no one would buy it while he was on his way to the store. So I meet the installer guy out there a few days later... and it turns out our oven space is 27" wide!!! But the good news is that we got our ventahood... and that was only $74!

We painted the living and dining room today. There are few things that I dislike more than painting. I hate it. I love the end result, so I do it... but I really really really would rather not paint ever again in my whole life. We had to paint paneling today too... so I had to get a paint brush and paint in all the cracks, which took forever.

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