Saturday, March 1, 2008


On Thursday, we got TWO offers on our house. We countered one of them, and we have a deal! It's basically a full price offer (with the exception of helping them with some closing costs). It was on the market for a total of 11 days.

Wanna know something really bizarre? My best friend in the wide world, Jennifer was with me when we got an offer on the first place we did.

The second place we did, she was there when the people who bought the house first looked at it, and called to say they were putting in an offer.

Earlier this week, I thought I should call Jennifer to get together, and maybe we'll get an offer on the house. The funny thing is, we got together on Thursday and while I was on my way to meet her at Starbucks, I found out about the first offer! While we were at starbucks, my phone rang and we got ANOTHER offer. Jennifer - thank for being my best friend and my good luck charm :-)

What do we do now? We're not too sure. We think the plan is get a very small cheap apartment to keep as my full time office, cause we can't keep moving my office from place to place. We'll live there temporarily in between fixing houses that way we don't feel rushed about finding a place, closing on it, and rennovating.

Here is a slideshow I made of the process. It has before and after shots and then pictures of each room before - during - and after. The song has nothing to do with the slideshow... just a song that makes me happy.

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jennypen said...

YEEEAAAA!!!! Is this your quickest flip yet? It seems like this one was finished in no time at all. Hmmm, maybe because I didn't do any work on it! Hopefully that will be different the next time around. You guys did an amazing job on it - I'm so impressed by your God-given talent and the way you make a great team together! And the slide show was very inspiring. Congratulations.

I think this all means we should be having more coffee dates together! :)


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