Saturday, April 5, 2008

random assortment of things

  • I was feeling very sad yesterday. I had just finished reading a book written by the wife of Jarrod's colleague / teacher / friend who was killed in a motorcycle accident a week before Christmas. More on the book later... but as I was sitting on the couch, choking back tears and feeling a dark pit in my stomach... I heard a cheery song. I followed the sound to the kitchen, and this is what I saw:
My refrigerator was trying to cheer me up! It was playing a little tune, firecrackers were going off on the display screen, and it was declaring "Happy Day!" I did figure out that someone had programmed a birthday reminder in for that day... but I'd rather think that my fridge was just trying to cheer me up.


  • I have been feeling very disorganized lately. I decided it was time for a new bag. I carry a large cumbersome bag with me everywhere I go. I need to keep all my current real estate documents with me... and it's just easier that way. I treated myself to a brand new bag that I had my eye on at Ross when I was hired for my first "real" job (apartment locator at promove.) As soon as I heard I got the job, I went to Ross and got the bag... it made me feel "professional." It's been three years, and the bag had seen better days. After a few days of looking, I finally got my new bag!!!

I love my new bag! I set out for one that had a flap on the front... and I finally found it. Is it bad that I feel totally organized now... and my mood is brightened slightly by this new bag? I love organizational things... I love looking at wallets, purses, large bags, even luggage at stores. I don't buy a lot... I get one that I like and I stick with it for years - But I love deciding what is going to go in all the pockets etc. Wow, I'm a dork!

  • When Jarrod and I were working on our house, we hardly spent ANY time at the apartment. We basically came home late at night to sleep, and left immediately after getting ready in the morning. We did not even have any meals in the apartment after Christmas time. We had some overlap in our lease and the house... so we moved the essentials into the house, and kept my office at the apartment. It is really big and bulky furniture... so we decided to leave it, as well as the washer and dryer. We also left one more thing, which I totally forgot was even in here until my very best friend came over the other day and started laughing when she stepped into my living room. This is what she saw:

A close to empty living room with a Christmas tree... in APRIL! I just don't even notice it anymore. We figured we'd pack it up when we moved out all the way. I think we may be the last people in the United States to take their Christmas tree down.


  • In our spare time lately, Jarrod and I have been playing duets. The Sears book of duets is a collection of cheesy, but often pretty duets. We decided we are going to try to record the entire book. We recorded a few the other night. It didn't turn out too well, but we had fun. Keep in mind that I'm not in shape being that I've played the bassoon less than 10 times in the past four years. This is a new bassoon too, and I'm not 100% comfortable on it, and there are some very obvious pitch problems. With that in mind... enjoy one of our worst attempts of the evening: (I think I'll post more of these later, there are some pretty funny ones).


jennypen said...

Awesome! My favorite part of the video is the look on your face at the end!! Can't wait to see your new bag.

GloryandGrace said...

Heeheeheehee :)

To be perfectly honest, I caught myself bobbing my head to the beat of the song :)

Oh, and I can relate to some of your I'm-feeling-organized-because-I-have-a-new-bag feelings ~ I LOVE your bag, and it makes me want to go purchase one...hmm...

My apologies for the random ramblings that are my comment. It's morning time and my head's not exactly functioning properly just yet :)



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