Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life is different now

**updated w/ sonogram pics**

I was hoping that after we found out the sex of the baby, that I would start to feel more pregnant, and that the reality would start to set it. Then I was worried the day that we found out that things wouldn't feel different and that the sex of the baby would just be a piece of information.

I feel differently, that's for sure. Between finding out that it is a boy, and feeling him move... I'm starting to realize that this is really happening.

I will say that ever since my little brother was born, and then EVERY SINGLE baby after that born into my family was a boy... I have always imagined that I would have a little girl. I guess because in 26 years, my family has not seen a girl be born I thought of boys as "boring." "Everyone has boys, I want a girl." On top of that, all the cute baby stuff is girl stuff. The clothes, the bows, the bedding, the NAMES! Oh, there is not a shortage of good girls names out there.

So, as I was laying down on the bed at the sonogram place, and the technician was trying to get a peek at the goods, part of me was worried about how it would feel if they told me it was a boy.

She told us it was a boy... and it took hours for that to settle in my brain.

We are having a boy. Jarrod and I are going to have a son.

Ever since it finally settled in my brain, I have to tell you, I couldn't be more thrilled about having a boy. This pregnancy feels different to me now. I know that raising a girl right is EQUALLY important as raising a boy right... but personally I feel a greater sense of responsibility knowing that this boy inside of me is going to be the head of his household someday. Up till now, I've been thinking about how "fun" it would be to have a girl... the shopping, the coloring, the dancing - but I never considered the joys a boy could bring. I only thought about the fake guns, the fart sounds, and the messes.

(Dad, you may want to skip this next part, I think it will be sappy.)

I'm excited to see a little mini Jarrod around our house. I'm excited to have Jarrod be the model for our son. I am looking forward to watching them play ball in the backyard, or watch them walking out of the house with all of their fishing gear. I can't wait until he picks me dandelions or those little yellow weed/flowers. There are so many things that never even crossed my mind that I'm so looking forward to (including the adorable little PJs with the feet in them!)

I'm also glad that I don't have to stop telling Phoebe that she's my favorite girl in the whole wide world, which I tell her at least 20 times a day.

I'm just happy that I get to bring a baby boy into this world... and I can't wait to introduce him to his father.

****click on the images below, so that you can a more opaque version of the pictures. I know the background of this blog is cute and all, but I wish that the pictures weren't so translucent***

This was the best picture we got. It looks like he's smiling! I know that's probably a shadow or something. His heart also looks like it's in the shape of a heart. :-)

Here he is sucking his thumb. I love it!

Little baby foot. Maybe he will get his daddy's huge feet!


Carissa said...

I'm so proud of you. You now get to experience all the things I've been experiencing for 7 years now. My heart swells with happiness for you and Jarrod. Phoebe might just have to watch her back though, your precious little boy might decide he loves her more than you. ; )

Carissa said...

ah that last part didn't come out right. That he loves her more than you love her.

Amber said...

Yay! Congrats, Mommy!

jennypen said...

*GASP!* He's six inches and almost halfway finished growing in your belly. Amazing.


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