Sunday, September 28, 2008



We ordered the crib yesterday. A HUGE HUGE thanks to Jarrods parents for purchasing this amazing crib for us. It's the perfect piece of furniture... it's everything I wanted. It will take 1-2 weeks to get here... so that's enough time to get the room painted! :-)
We finally cleared the baby's room of all our "random" things, and packed those away. Now there are just some "extra" pieces of furniture that we don't need in this new place that need to find a new home. I love to see where people live... so I thought I would post pictures of where I live. Here's the new place:

I haven't quite decided what is going to go where... I know that the wide striped one will be the bedskirt... and I think the brown with the circles will be the comforter. The other ones will be accents here and there. My mom thought they one on the far right was girly, because she said it looked like flowers. Then my daddy to the rescue said he thought it looked like gears :-) thanks dad. I'm probably not going to use that one in anywhere big... may still use it for a pillow or something.

Phoebe would like to show you her favorite new stairs. At first we had to coax her into going all the way up the stairs to put her paws on the actual window sill.

She got the hang of it after a while and put her paws up on the window by herself:

Then one morning, I came out and saw this:

I love my silly little puppy!


jennypen said...

Yea! I'm glad you shared these pics. Your new home looks AMAZING, and I hope to see it soon. Miss you!

Aaron and April said...

I love it all!! Don't stress about comforters, bumper pads, pillows, etc. Ask your brother about his research on those and SIDS. We don't have either in Michael's crib. It actually looks pretty cute without all that stuff.

Can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Carissa said...

Wow! It's beautiful! I love the way you decorate..... maybe someday I can pay you to do the same for me..... hehe! Probably a long ways when the 3 or 4 kids that we have or will have are at least in school full time. Your home looks so warm and inviting. I love Levi's new crib and the fabrics you have picked are amazing. HUGS!

Amber said...

Yay! I like home pics, too. ;) What a beautiful crib! I am so impressed that you are making the crib accessories. How special!

Stephanie Robertson said...

Don't be impressed, yet Amber. Anyone can say that they're going to do it... I've never done it before, so we'll see how it turns out.

April - he's only getting a comforter for the crib. no bumberpad and there won't be any pillows in the bed, just on the rocker and other places around the room.

GloryandGrace said...

I love the fabrics you've picked out!

And your new place makes me want to finish actually putting things in their rightful place here! One of these days I'll get things up on the walls... :)

Thanks for sharing!!

Aaron said...

Your office furniture is the exact same furniture that I had in my office in Lubbock.


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