Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our initiation into parenthood....and dirty teeth

I've heard all the "messy" baby stories, and I was prepared for one to happen to us sooner or later. I was not, however, expecting anything of this magnitude, especially so early in our parenting careers.

So, we had a blissful first night at home. He slept like an angel waking up like clockwork on his own exactly when he needed to eat. He would just kind of wiggle around and make little bird noises. No crying, no tears, no upsetness... just letting me know he was ready. It could not have been more perfect, we have such a good little baby.

So, it was time to get up and around in the morning and I was about to change Levi's diaper on our bed. I was sitting in bed and had Levi positioned in front of me in front of me. All night I had changed his diaper on the bed and didn"t even think about using the little portable vinyl changing pad. I was lucky enough to think about it this time. I asked Jarrod to hand it to me and saying how we should expect to be sprayed at any moment. I got his clothes and diaper off when he decided to let out an EXPLOSIVE toot, sending his baby poop flying toward me. I am telling you, this was projectile pooping!! luckily most of it stayed on the pad, with some damage done to the sheets and my clothes as well. The bad thing about most of it staying on the changing pad is that the side he lays on is a plastic type material, so all of his liquid poo pooled where he was laying, soaking poor naked baby in a huge puddle of poo. To make matters worse, Jarrod is trying to get out the door to a gig that he has that morning, and Phoebe still needed to go outside. I was in no shape to jump up and take action, or take Phoebe out, and Jarrod didn't really have the time to manage the crisis. I picked up our soaking baby, and before Jarrod got in there to take the changing pad from underneath him, he exploded once more :-). Jarrod got the pad and took it the toilet where he dumped it, and I held Levi up with poop COVERING his back from head to toe. Jarrod ran back with a blanket from the hospital to clean off most of the poop. Then I took baby wipes and cleaned the rest of his back. Poor baby was naked and freezing, I'm sure from the cold wipes. Jarrod called his mom and asked her to come over sooner rather than later, and Jarrod left for his gig. Deb came over and helped me with the laundry, and helped give Levi his first much needed bath.


Of course, this was not our only brush with baby blowouts. The next day he had a very minor one, but the stains from the day before didn't come out of some of his clothes, so I decided to use a toothbrush to really scrub the pretreatment on his little outfit. We didn't have any old toothbrushes laying around, so Jarrod donated his current toothbrush to the cause. He would stop by the store and pick up another one. That night, we gave Levi another bath due to the blow out earlier that day. During his bath, he decided to pee straight up in the air, of course. The problem was, his stream on the way down landed precisely my toothbrush. It was pefectly aimed. No one could aim better if they tried. We almost died lauging. So, at the end of the day, Jarrod and I both lost our toothbrushes, and didn't get out to the store.

This morning, Levi has his first doctors appointment. We will be going with dirty teeth.
Levi Pictures (same ones as last post)


jennypen said...

AWESOME! Do you remember wondering how he could possibly need 4-6 outfits some days? Is he spitting up? How did the doctor appointment go?

Aaron and April said...

The gross out factor steadily gets worse, but somehow you don't seem to mind it. Right now I'm covered in green spit up thanks to our love of green beans and could care less. I promise it does get easier, but you still seem to forget things. I'll tell you the story later.

GloryandGrace said...

That is hilarious!!! I can only imagine your facial expression while all of this was taking place :) And praise the Lord for having family close by that you can call at a moment's notice!

Amber said...

This is hilarious!!! Thank you so much for sharing your stories! They remind me of a Christmas gift I found for my best friend, due to have her first baby in February: it's a weewee cover (called wee block) for when you're changing baby boy's diaper. It says "tinkle tinkle little star" on the front! ;P $10 @ Babies R Us. http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2574753

You Little O Wife said...

So funny! I am glad you are healing well. He is so beautiful- I have really enjoyed seeing all the pics. I can't believe you are a mom.


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