Monday, January 26, 2009

Off to Church

Look at how cute I am in my church outfit my Granny got for me!

Here I am watching Mommy get ready for church. Why is she always taking pictures of me?

My parents woke me up to go to church, then expected me to be quiet? That preacher sure is loud. Daddy, can you take me somewhere quiet and rock me back to sleep?

Here goes Mommy taking pictures again! Shouldn't you be paying attention to the sermon? It's so nice that the church has a room for me to be rocked or nursed in where you can still listen to the service... but you're just taking pictures!

Daddy is very good at rocking me. Why is mommy crying? I think it might be because she loves me so much and feels so blessed.

Oh boy, church was fun. Let's do this again next week!


Levi has been our little smile boy lately. We caught some of it on video yesterday. Even since we took this video yesterday he has been even more smiley - smiling when spoken to, and smiling more often. This is just so exciting to me (if you can't tell by my goofy voice and expression when Jarrod puts the camera on me). I can't describe the feeling of seeing him smile - knowing that he is happy!! It's a satisfying reminder that I'm doing an ok job, and that not only are his needs being met, but he's enjoying himself too.

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Anonymous said...

He's gotten so big and full of expression! What an adoreable face! I'm pretty sure he could make anyone melt with that smile!

I'm glad you guys are able to go to church. The video with Jarrod rocking Levi was very sweet.


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