Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Going for a walk!

So Jarrod this week Jarrod has his normal work day, then has rehearsals or performances of the musical Annie almost every evening. This means he is gone for 12+ hours. This also means that I have to take Phoebe to do her business. I was very worried about how this was going to work, because it's been freezing outside lately. I don't want to subject my perfect baby boy to the freezing air. But my mom assured me that fresh air of any kind is good for him, and as long as he's bundled up and we're not out there too long, that he'd be fine. Luckily it was in the 40s last night when I took them out, and it was in the 50s and sunny this afternoon. Last night, I took him out in his stroller so that I could smother him with blankets. I was planning on putting him in his carseat and attaching the carseat to the stroller, but I could never figure out how to do that. In the process of trying to figure it out, I found out how to lay the seat back, so I just laid him in there and covered him up with blankets. It was an interesting affair trying to navigate a prissy little dog who has no leash manners and a giant stroller I had never used before through hallways and elevators and doors. All in all it worked out, but it was hard to force Phoebe on the grass when I couldn't really get on the grass with the stroller.
Here I am in my stroller!!
This afternoon I thought it was nice enough outside to just go in our little back pack thing. This was much easier. I was able to walk on the grass with Phoebe. It was actually really nice to get out in the fresh air and tell Levi about the clouds and the wind. We walked over by a really cool fountain, and he watched the water splashing for a while. Then he fell asleep.
Let's see, what else. We are going to my family's house in New Braunfels next weekend, and I can't wait. Levi has been practicing his smiling for his Granny and Grandpa and Uncle Punk. Phoebe will have a nice time playing with Doodle, their little shih-tzu. Phoebe has been feeling pretty neglected lately and has been moping around. We feel so bad for her.
And here are some more shots of my adorable boy:


Amber said...

What a sweet little chubbs!

GloryandGrace said...

He looks so sweet and cuddly all wrapped up in blankets! I especially like the one of you holding him in his backpack :)

jennypen said...

He's the cutest blue bear I've ever seen! Take pics of this weekend. :-)

jeniferkarianne said...

Don't worry about him being out in the cold. What do people do that live North of Dallas (almost everyone lol) and have to go outside. For a month it was below 25 degrees here. You are a great Mom and will never hurt your baby. I love reading your updates. Congratulations again!


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