Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm SO outta here!

This weekend is the wildflower live music festival - right outside our window. We had to sign a waiver when we moved in aknowledging that it was happening so that we wouldn't complain, I guess. There are tons and tons of live bands (the only one I recognized was the Toadies) that are going to play on this outdoor stage by the Eisemann right across the street. They have all these street vendors set up right outside our window - and I heard that sound check yesterday in my living room, and it was LOUD! I'm SO SO SO glad that the women's retreat at my church lined up with this event. I will be OUT OF HERE!! I have a feeling that the festivities out there are going to go on well past Levi's 9:00 bedtime, and I don't think that everyone will be quiet if I go down there in my pj's and ask politely for them to keep it down. These pictures were taken holding the camera outside of Levi's window:

I didn't think I'd be able to go to the retreat, because I wasn't thrilled about the idea of leaving Levi all weekend - but the retreat is very close to my Grandpa's house. So, my WONDERFUL mother is coming to my Grandpa's for the weekend to take care of Levi during the day, and I'll come back and sleep over at my Grandpa's with my baby boy! How perfect is that?! I'm nervous about being away from him for so long, I think the longest I've been away from him is 4 hours, and I'll be gone probably 12 or more on Saturday! I'm really looking forward to it though - I really need this. I don't feel like a part of my church anymore, and I don't feel like I have ANY social life at all outside of Levi, Jarrod and Phoebe. More importantly, I'm looking forward to a refreshing time seeking and worshipping God. Motherhood has taken a toll on all of my relationships, including the most important relationship I have - with my heavenly Father. I am looking forward to being focused on Him for an entire weekend, while having fellowship with the ladies that I feel so out of touch with lately.

Oh, and Levi's five month status is up. I posted two in a row, so don't miss it right below, although it's pretty long and boring, because I want to remember all the details.

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GloryandGrace said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're getting to go to a womens retreat, and I do hope it's the refreshing time you're anticipating!

I love all of the details you record about Levi's growth, because I can tell you really are wanting to document so that you don't forget even the smallest details years down the road. It's sweet to read about this season you're in :)

And as for my little Moosician - well, she wasn't mad necessarily. She just gets impatient after a few minutes if I haven't pet her. Verbal praise only goes so far - physical touch is definitely her love language :)


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