Friday, June 19, 2009

The Entertainer

I had my bible study group over for dinner last night, and Levi was invited. He was asleep when they arrived and we were all eating when he woke up. He decided that everyone was there to see HIM. So, he proceeded to entertain us during dinner. He was making noises I had never heard him make. Weird grunting noises. I was able to capture some of it on video. It was going on for a long time before I decided to get the camera. He can't just let someone else have a conversation if he's around. He needs to make sure that he is heard, and the people are listening to HIM.

Levi has already become a moocher. Whenever he sees that I am eating or drinking something, he stares at it and opens his mouth as wide as he can. So, we've been having snack time together. I've been letting him try to pick up these little Gerber puffs on his own, but he just can't seem to make the connection that he can put them in his mouth on his own. He likes to hit them and throw them, and then open his mouth as wide as he can so that I'll put one in there. Sometimes he'll get a few in a fist and put his fist in his mouth, but he hasn't actually gotten one in his mouth yet. Notice how he purses his lips when he's concentrating. I love it. He's working so hard in this video.

He loves his feet! Listen for him saying "okay"

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