Saturday, August 1, 2009

Do any schools offer a degree in teething ring performance?

So I was practicing my sax the other day while the boy was playing with his toys on the floor. I look over at him and he is blowing into his teething ring and yelling and moving his fingers. I thought it was just a funny coincidence, but my mom seems to think he really was mimicking me. This kept on for a good while, him "playing" his teething ring right along with me. So I thought I would try to get a video of it. He would stop playing his teething ring when I wasn't playing, so I tried to film with one hand and play with the other. Ignore my playing, but see if you think it looks like he's trying to do what momma is doing.

Tell me what you think? Trying to play?


Aaron and April said...

Looks like he could be singing his own song with whatever you were playing. Michael does that some with the radio or the many toys he has that play music.

You Little O Wife said...

Definitely! Looks like you have a budding musician on your hands...but with his genes that's not surprising! :) So cute.


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