Friday, August 7, 2009


So I'm bummed about losing Levi's current nursery. It is so big, and has lots of cool angles and built ins and a nook. His new room is going to be a 10X11 box!! The back wall has a window perfectly centered.

I LOVE symmetry, and I want to play it up. If the closet door wasn't in the way, I would like to build some floor to ceiling built-in shelves on either side of the window with a window seat / toy box under the window, but that's not an option.

So this is what I'm brainstorming. Whether or not I'll be able to do any of it is yet to be determined, but this is what I drew out this morning on powerpoint.

Beneath the window on the left will be a frame with Chalkboard paint inside so Levi can draw on his wall! Then on the other side of the window is a mirror so he can watch his favorite thing in the world - himself!

Here are the potential problems with this room:

1. This is not to scale! This is my main problem with planning a room. I always come up with these great ideas, and then they don't fit! I already know that this picture is much larger than what is actually there, and I'm thinking maybe if I make my animal prints a 2X2 set instead of a 3X3 that may help.

2. I'm afraid of the crib blocking this feature wall and access to the mirror. The crib will be up against the wall on the right side. Because I'm a horrible judge of space I'm afraid that the crib will need to be much to close to the wall with the window to be able to do this at all.

The crib wall remain the same, with my paintings above and probably the sconces on either side. And then we'll put the changing table on the other free wall with his name above it, I think. We're going to eliminate the dresser, because we really don't use it now. We have plenty of space in the changing table for what we will need his dresser for. Ideally we would get a short dresser for him and a changing pad on top, but we'll do that whenever we have extra money just laying around - so possibly never! :-)

We'll see! I'm sure something will work out if this doesn't. Any suggestions?

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G-Money said...

If yoou are worried about the bed hiding some of the right hand wall, switch the "chalk board" and the mirror. The mirror will not look as good if the bed is too close and will emphasis the bed. The chalkboard will still be accessible, but you will not want that to be the focus after he has started drawingonn it.


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