Thursday, May 20, 2010

"the look"

This, in terms of photography, is not the best picture in the world - but it is an amazing shot! This is "the look," and I'm so glad I was able to capture it on film (or digital file, whatever.)

This is the look my precious angel baby gets on his face when he decides he's not going to be quite so angelic anymore. In this case, he was playing dominos at an old gas station thing in the Historical Park. He was having a great time with these dominos, but decided he would throw one. He got a firm "no," and was told if he threw another one then we would have to leave. He was good for a few minutes while I snapped some quick pictures of him. Then he slowly lowered a domino closer to his lap, gave me this look, and intentionally let the domino slip out of his hand onto the porch- just to see how far he could push me, and to find out if I meant business. I scooped him up and off we went - with a toddler kicking and screaming along the way. Did he learn his lesson? Maybe, but I know he will continue to test me and push me to see if I mean what I say. Sometimes it's really inconvenient to be consistent, but hopefully I can remain strong so that these looks become fewer and fewer as we get out of the toddler years. But I am glad I have this one to keep :-)

Here are a few more pictures from before the tantrum:

PS, to all my photography friends who read this blog (you know who you are), this would be an awesome place for a photoshoot!

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Diedra Blosser said...

Oh, I love that you captured "the look"! Great pictures!


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