Thursday, January 10, 2008


I still hate painting. This is the worst part of it: I paint the paneling white. I get some white on the wall, so I have to re-edge the wall to get the white off. I get some wall color on the paneling. I realize that the paneling needs a second coat... so I paint the paneling again, and get some white on the wall meaning that I have to re-edge the part that I just re-edged. It's a never ending cycle....

This is a fake smile:

But don't worry... Phoebe will help me. The best part was when I was eating a chicken a sandwich while I was painting and a piece of lettuce fell in my paint tray. Phoebe was right there to go after the lettuce swimming in the paint. She found out that she doesn't like paint that much... but now we have a dog that looks like this:

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