Friday, January 25, 2008

Taking a break

Taking a break from the house to share with you something that most of you will think I'm crazy for. I've been listening to the mix station lately. I usually listen to KCBI (christian talk mostly, with really great programming), and KLTY - if it's not to annoying. I guess I'm old, though, because now the mix station is playing hits from when I was in high school. They play MUCH less 80's music than they used to. I HATE 80's music. I just don't get it. However... there is a song that I don't ever remember not knowing... but I just recognized it's greatness. It's full of 80's cheesiness, so I'm not sure why I'm so fond of it... but I think it's a perfect blend of 80's synthesized cheese, a pretty cool melody, a bit of musical augmentation, crazy vocal range, and a singer who obviously does not take himself or the song too seriously. I was feeling totally overwhelmed and frusterated and full of anxiety as I was driving to teach today when this song came on. I couldn't help but do the snake while I was driving, bop my head and wear a huge grin like those guys on A Night at the Roxbury. I remembered that maybe I shouldn't be taking everything so seriously. To be honest, I have no idea what the song is about, I haven't listened to it enough, hopefully it's not inappropriate.

So, for your listening / viewing pleasure, I present, to my total humiliation, one of my new favorite songs:


jennypen said...

Nice. Very. I'm moved. Really. So moved, in fact, that I couldn't bring myself to finish the video.

Stephanie Robertson said...

then you missed the best part. The VERY dramatic ending. WATCH IT

jennypen said...

A-Ha...gotta love a happy ending. I was starting to worry, but all was ok in the end. Phew!


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