Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winding down

We are down to one page only on our to do list. It's all little stuff like replace outlet covers, touch up paint, figure out what to do about bathroom mirrors, etc... The biggest project that we have left is the exterior of the house: painting, putting up the fence, fixing up the yards. I am REALLY REALLY worried about the outside of the house. I'm worried about being able to paint it and it look HALFWAY decent, it's so hard to paint up there, and it's so hard to cover everything and not look like a total mess. We had the foundation of the house fixed, and they had to dig up all along the perimeter of the house leaving just a mess of dirt all along the house. We had concrete work done in the front, and so now our front lawn is covered in concrete. Our tile guys mixed their thinset in our backyard, so our backyard is covered it white nasty stuff. I have never done any landscaping, and I don't know where to start, so I'm really worried about the outside of the house. Once we do little touch ups on the interior, all we have left is the exterior. We're hoping still to be done by February first... I just hope it all looks good. I'm not worried about the inside, things have come together well... but my mind keeps racing about what to do about the outside. We have a friend who has worked in landscaping before coming to the house to advice... I hope that he can help!!!!


jennypen said...

You should take a break to look at all the beautiful successes you've created so far and remember that it will somehow all come together. ...and if that doesn't work, you can borrow our plastic flamingos to stick in the front yard.

Stephanie Robertson said...

:-) You're my best friend, Jenny!

jennypen said...

And you're mine, Stef! <3


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