Friday, February 1, 2008

It CAN be done!!!!!!

Whew! I started working on the coure around 2:30 on January 30th. I took a break at 7:30PM to watch the rest of American Idol, then went to the house to see what Jarrod did and ate Taco Bell. I started the class back up an 9:00PM and except for two bathroom breaks, I worked on this class until 2:00 the next afternoon! That's almost 24 hours in a row, and it is 17 hours of consecutive reading a computer screen. I am NOT a fast reader...all this was was reading an assignment on the computer, and taking a comprehension quiz at the end of each section, and then a final exam at the end. I was really nervous during the exam, not because it was a hard course (which parts of it were very hard), but because I can't think of much worse than working for 24 hours straight on something... and then failing!

Imagine being me (who is HORRIBLE at math... to the extent of having to call Jarrod if something is on sale and ask him how much it would be) and seeing this question when your brain is FRIED:

An investor in the 28 percent bracket purchases a residential income
property for $350,000 with a $100,000 cash down payment. The loan for $250,000 is payable at 10 percent interest-only for ten years. The property generates
$50,000 annual gross income. Its operating expense ratio is 30 percent. The land
is booked at $50,000 and the improvements at $300,000 under a 0.036 annual
straight-line rate. The property is sold for $385,000 net at the end of five
years. What is the investor's overall average annual return after the sale at
the end of the fifth year? (Hint: Watch out for carryover loss.)

The gift of math is a gene that I did NOT inherit from my dad that I wish I did. Do you know the answer to that question, Dad? I was just hoping that there weren't too many of those questions on the test, because my plan was to just guess on them. The reading comprehension quiz had ONLY those questions on it. The funny part was when I got the results of my final exam back, I saw that I got one out of the four questions right (which Jarrod informed me was just having probability on my side). Oh well

I went to the post office waited in a huge post office style line and handed the guy my package. I asked if he would stamp it in front of me so I knew that it had a post mark for 1/31 on there. I came home and sat on the couch in front of the TV intending not to fall alseep yet, because I dind't want my whole schedule thrown off, and I wasn't feeling too tired then, despite having been up for over 30 hours. Then suddenly the phone rang... and I had NO idea that I had fallen asleep sitting up on the couch. So I took myself to bed, and stayed there for 17 hours!!! Never waking up, not even when Jarrod came home. Although he did call me once and ask me for my driver's license number and I couldn't get it out. I kept telling him I know what it is, but then different numbers came out of my mouth then were in my head.

Anyway... glad that's over. Hopefully I learned my lesson, and I won't have to take a class in 24 hours again next year.


GloryandGrace said...

Well, now that we know, we can start asking you a couple of months in advance if you've started on your work for the class! :)

This whole ordeal reminded me of something I did for my very last class of my very last semester in college...a class I had a D in until the final paper we had to turn in. I started the paper the evening before it was due, worked from 7:00pm until 2:00pm on a 30-page research paper. So everything you said about Jarrod asking you questions and you not being able to give a coherent answer...that was me!! I'll never forget it, and I'd like to think I've learned my lesson since then...although some of the timelines on assignments since then have said otherwise :)

Curt said...

congratulations on being that awesome for 17 hours in a row. I couldn't do it.


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