Tuesday, May 13, 2008


For those of you who don't know, my dad is the smartest man alive... and until I was in college, I was convinced that he would make the BEST president. I have now reconsidered the presidency, but still am convinced that he is the smartest man alive... or at least has one of the largest memory banks for random information.

If you need to know who the 18th prime minister of some random country you've never even heard of before... my dad can tell you!

I still remember my dad with his legal pad watching Jeopardy and playing right along. Aaron and I always told him that he HAD to try to be on the show.

Well, May 19th he is coming to Dallas to audition to be a part of the show!!!!!!!

He passed some ridiculous test that qualified him for an in person audition. He will play a mock game, complete with question and answer sessions they do with each contestant. He is most nervous about this "small talk" he'll have to make with Alex... that and, of course, what to wear! The least of his worries is whether or not he'll get enough answers right. But, even if you know all the answers, you have to be quick on the buzzer and not freeze up.

I can't imagine that they wouldn't pick my dad. He has a huge personality, and can "own" (as my 15 year old brother would say) anyone when it comes to random trivia.

Just remember Dad, smile with your TEETH SHOWING!! closed mouth smiles look fake.

Good luck dad!! From your daughter who just learned the other day how to spell Jeopardy


jennypen said...

Yea! Wish him the best of luck for me.

GloryandGrace said...

That is too cool!! You'll have to keep us posted on how the audition goes :)

Carissa said...

Wow! That's great! Let us know how it goes. I know my dad can spot a typo from a mile away.


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