Saturday, May 10, 2008

Things my Jarrod did for me today

1. Made me fried eggs
2. Gave me a good long back massage
3. Threw ice cubes at me while taking a bath
4. Gave me a haircut (after discovering that kitchen shears weren' the best tool, we went to his mom's house where she guided him on the proper way to cut hair. She did go to beauty school afterall.) I'm getting a real haircut on June 10th, but I had to trim some of it away, it was driving me nuts.

Overall, he was very nice today. Three out of four isn't bad :-)

I love you, Jarrod.

1 comment:

jennypen said...

I'm sure Jarrod was just thinking you needed the ice cubes so the baby wouldn't get too hot. Surely, right?


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