Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

It was very early in my freshman year of college. My new friends that I made were all enjoying a game of football behind Perkins chapel. I opted to make the refreshments instead of playing, and made some cold lemonade for the guys to have in between plays. I was sitting watching these guys play football, with my eye on one in particular - Jarrod. We had been flirting a lot, and I loved being around him. He was so cute, funny, a talented musician, and skilled with anything involving a ball. I was watching them play and sitting with one of his friends from high school. While we were talking, a cute little family (husband and wife pushing a baby stroller) walked in front of us. This friend of his from high school leaned over and told me how much of a family guy Jarrod was, and that he was excited about having kids one day. WHOA! That was the clincher.

Soon after, I learned about his relationship with his family, and the relationship he had with the children that his mom watches. I got to see him interact with these babies / kids and fell in love with him.
I always knew he would be a great father. There's not much more to make a woman of marrying age swoon than seeing her significant other with a small child in his arms, making them giggle and laugh, or after a toddler falls, and he swoops them up and takes them to the bathroom to clean the wounded knee and put antibacterial spray on the area... and you overhear him telling them "wow, look at those bubbles, they are taking away all the hurt and making you all better."

Now, after having been married for years, my heart still falls to my feet sometimes when I see the way he is with Phoebe. First of all, he wasn't thrilled with the idea of getting a dog. He loves children, but has never been a fan of the four legged variety. He finally admitted that it was much more important for me to have a dog, than it was for him not to have one.

I'm pretty sure he and Phoebe fell in love immediately. Phoebe is very lucky to have such a huge fan. Jarrod adores her, and she knows it! If they are in the same room together, she is on or cuddled up to his lap. If they are in the car together, she is on his lap, or when he is playing his tuba, she is laying down at his feet. Jarrod looks forward to coming home and seeing his little girl, and always asks me about her when he calls me when he's not at home.

This will probably change as this whole baby thing becomes more real... but for right now, I am more excited about seeing Jarrod as a father than I am about being a mother. I can't wait to see his giant hands on that tiny little life.

I am so proud to be on a team with Jarrod. He is a man of such integrity and strong character. I can relax knowing that my children will have a father who will teach them right from wrong, and show them the love of a father before they even know who God is. I can relax knowing that the head of our family will raise his children with principles, and teach them to pray, and teach them about Jesus. I can relax when they come home from school, and he can help them with their math homework. I can relax knowing that they will never have to guess how much their father loves them. I can relax knowing that, if I have a boy... he will learn how to treat a woman by watching his father. I can relax knowing that, if I have a girl, she will not settle for anything less than what her father is to her mother. I can relax knowing that no matter how much trash they learn from their peers or from the TV, that they will have a role model that they can look up to teach them contrary. It feels so good, with everything that I'm worried about these days, that I don't have to worry about these things.

I can't say enough about how proud I am to be the one that gets to partner with Jarrod on this journey. I cannot wait to see him with our child. I know of no better man to help me raise my children. I have 100% confidence in you, Jarrod. Happy Father's Day!


jennypen said...

You will make a precious family (you already do, too)! Happy 1st Father's Day, Jarrod. :-)

GloryandGrace said...

Happy Father's Day, Jarrod! It truly is amazing and humbling when we stop and think of how good the Lord has been to us with our spouses, and He knew the exact person to complete us!! Truly amazing~


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