Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It MUST be a sign

I think you will all agree... I am a goofy girl! I have always looked for "signs." For example, when I was younger, these signs went something like this:

if the next car I see has it's windows rolled down, the boy I have a crush on will talk to me today, or I will pass my math test, or Jennifer Bass will pass me a note in English class etc...

Now did I actually think this would happen? No! It was just a silly thing I did, usually to pass the time.

Lately all my "signs" have been determining the sex of this baby. We have those colorful striped straws, and I always have to drink my milk with one. Every time I get a glass of milk (which is up to 6 times a day lately), I will close my eyes and pick out a straw, and of course whatever color I get determines the sex of the baby. Most of the time, however, I get a non-conclusive yellow straw!

Anyway, I was really bored the other day (as I often am this summer) and was playing around with nursery color ideas on powerpoint, and I made five different combinations of colors (three for girl, and two for boy). I tried uploading them to show you... but ONLY THE BOYS WOULD UPLOAD. I tried 2,000 times, and the girl nursery ideas WOULD NOT UPLOAD. You know what this means, right? I am Definitely having a boy. (well, I don't know how medically accurate this is, but I'm convinced :-)


In other news, I'm off to see my brother Aaron and his wife April in Midland. Poor April has been on bedrest for weeks now (she is having a baby in early August - yay for cousins the same age!!!) I can't imagine being on bed rest. I think it would probably be wonderful for the first day, maybe two... but then I would pull out all of my hair strand at a time. This has left Aaron to be in charge of everything. I'm sure he does it all with a cheerful heart, but it's got to be tiring. I can't imagine how bad April feels for Aaron for having to do everything... and how bad Aaron feels for April for going through all this mess to grant him a son. I'm sure they have moments of envying the other's situation. Anyway... I'm off until Saturday to go lend a helping hand and be a human contact for April stuck on her left side on her couch. Hopefully they will both allow me to wait on them hand and foot, and not feel like they have to cater to me. (did you hear that, Aaron?)
My mom must be so proud. If you asked me 15 years ago to drive across Texas to do my stinky older brother's chores, I would have laughed in your face!!! Well, here I come Aaron. Just don't hit me, please :-)


GloryandGrace said...

I LOVE this! And if I had heard you tell me in 7th grade that you were going to help your brother out, I would have laughed right along with you :)

I know you'll be a welcomed face there, even if you do have to argue a bit over who gets to do what chore ;)

I wonder just how many notes were passed during junior high...

Aaron and April said...

You know we're hoping for a little boy for Michael to play with. I had a feeling the baby was a boy before we ever got confirmation from a sonogram. Call it women's intuition.

Can't wait for you to get here!!

Anonymous said...

It's me Carissa - sorry I can't remember my blogger password in this moment. But I LOVED milk when I was pregnant with Ronnie. Well I hope you have a great time at Aaron and Aprils house. You're such a good little sister! it's neat that the kids will be so close together. At least you guys are all in the big state of texas, I know it's still a long drive, especially being pregnant!

jennypen said...

I see you as a mommy to a boy, but I've been wrong before. Can't wait to hear about your family time. Miss you!


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