Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rock-a-bye baby!

This is where I will be rocking my little one to sleep. I have a feeling that quite a bit of time will be spent in this glider!

Jarrod and I are beyond blessed to have such great families who contribute so much toward bringing this baby into the world (I think they're all a little excited.) Jarrod's grandparents purchsed this glider for us, and I can't tell you how much that means to us. Not only is it a huge expense taken off of our shoulders, but hopefully this piece of furniture will be in our family for a long long time.

Now... the best part about the glider:

It Reclines!!!

(I guess something was really funny)

We still have a lot of work left to do on the nursery. All that's been done so far is clearing it out, and putting the glider in. This is what it looked like a few weeks ago:

Yikes!! we actually managed to find a place for all of that stuff though. We just need to get rid of a table, a TV stand, store a mattress and store a garden hose thingy somewhere and we'll be all ready to paint! Here's the room now. I love that little nook to put the glider and rock the baby :-)

This is the wall that the changing table/dresser combo (which we haven't picked out or purchased yet) will go. I think we'll get rid of the charcoal, too.

As for the "theme" for the nursery, I owe it all to my best friend.I have looked for hours and hours and hours and hours online for baby bedding, and never found anything that I really liked - and what I wanted was really simple to: blue and brown with some stripes somewhere. The problem is that we're not going to use a bumber, and you have to buy everything in a set for the most part and I don't want to pay multiple hundreds of dollars for something when I'm going to only use two out of the four pieces. So I decided to make the bedding. I was nervous about it though, because I don't know how to sew and I didn't quite know how I was going to pull it off. Then I went over to Jennifer's one day and gave me a restoration hardware catalog (somewhere I hadn't even thought about looking, and it never came up in my google searches.) I LOVED THEIR BEDDING!!!!!!!!!!! And they sold it in separate pieces!! Restoration Hardware is ridiculously expensive though - so we just got a bed skirt and a comforter from there, and hopefully the color is basic enough we'll be able to match it for other things.

So Here is the crib skirt that will be arriving in the mail any day now:

And here's the comforter, although ours won't say William :0). It's reversible, so the other side is brown with blue dots and border. YAYAY!!

I cant' wait to get started getting this nursery together!!!!


Aaron and April said...

Doesn't it feel good to see things coming together!! I remember being excited about just having furniture for Michael. Then the closer it got the more I freaked because of what we didn't have yet. You have all the basics now, so Baby Levi can come home!! I can hardly wait to kiss, hold, hug, etc...my little nephew!!

jennypen said...

I think since your owe the solution to your bedding crisis to me, I should be able to hold your baby for at LEAST 5 minutes during his first month. Ha, ha, I've been worried I will have to really fight for that, but now I have leverage. :-)

jennypen said...

Ooh, I just noticed in your ticker that you're up to the second-to-last picture! You're really almost there. Yea!

GloryandGrace said...

This is all so exciting!! And on a personal note as your friend, I'm glad you've been faithful in posting pics because I've been able to see that baby boy growing in your belly over the past few months. Pics will have to do when I can't be there in person :)

I LOVE the bedding! I went to the website and was really impressed by how simple and beautiful all of it was :)

Love you friend~

diedra said...

I love the recliner/rocker! Where did you find that one. Also, two thumbs up on the bedding! It's great that you finally found something you like. I'm sure you're relieved you don't have to make it, since the weeks are ticking away quickly now. Although, it would have been fun to work together on a project!

Aaron and April said...

I love the bedding!! I didn't get to see it the other day when I left my comment. For some reason, the pictures of it wouldn't load.


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