Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Speaking of Doing flips...

I had a dr. appointment yesterday, and I was FULL of questions for the good doc. Mostly I wanted to know if I didn't have the baby by my due date, how long would he make me wait. He said, well if the baby is still breech, we'll schedule a C-section for one week before your due date. I think at that point I was beeming! Getting him a week early, and with no labor pains (not that there aren't pains associated with C-sections, more on that to follow). That sounded perfect to me.

Then it was on to the doctor feeling my belly. THE BABY TURNED! He's such a good boy, I don't know how he knew to do it, but he did it!

I must say I was a little disappointed. I feel like a bad mother for admitting it, but I'm being honest. I know some women are crazy about having their babies the God intended natural way, and even get upset and feel like less of a woman if they have to resort to C-section. I'm not one of those ladies. Don't get me wrong, I think if everything is in place to have a natural birth, that's the way it should be done. There's a reason it was designed that way, and there are fewer chances of complications - I get it. It just seems like C-sections are pretty routine today, and safe for mother and baby. And if given the choice between 30 hours of labor, contractions, pushing, stretching, cutting, tearing, agonizing, back breaking, intense pain or a nice clean surgery under anesthesia - I'm just saying it would be tempting to choose the easy route.

We'll see how everything goes. I'm not ever going to opt for a C-section, but a little part of me was hoping that the baby would stay breech (and that was before I knew I would get him a week early if he was).

If my pregnancy is any indication, it's going to be a smooth easy labor (well as easy as a labor can be).

In other baby news, his crib is in! His glider is set up in his room! The bedding is ordered! The paint is on the way! and I have a date for my shower planned! This is really really happening!

In non baby related news: Jarrod got called to play with the Charleston Symphony in South Carolina. He'll be playing the concert the last weekend of October (when we were supposed to have our first child birth class). I'm so proud of him!!!


Aaron and April said...

Way to go Levi!! Flipping without hurting your mommy!!

Hang in there Steph!! You're going to make it all the way to the end!! I have faith!!

jennypen said...

Yea little guy! Now, not more summersaults! :-)

I don't blame you for wanting a C-section. It does sound easier in some ways. I'm praying for a smooth delivery for him, either way.

You Little O Wife said...

I know you'll do great either way....but I totally understand about the c-section thing. I've often joked that I don't want to have children until they can be delivered laparoscopically. :)

Amber said...

Yay! I know y'all are so excited as things fall into place with the nursery and showers and labor plans.

I can't help but wonder how recovery would have been different if I had a c-section also. But you know, labor for me wasn't as bad as I thought having our baby vaginally would be. I had an epidural, so while I was "in labor" with contractions and whatnot, I couldn't feel it and actually slept a full 8-hr night while I was "laboring". I was in labor for only a full 24 hours, during most of which I didn't feel anything painful (but merely pressure), thanks to the epidural. I woke up at 7:30 in the morning thinking "woah, it's time to push now!" I pushed for a total of 30 minutes, and Sophia was born at 8:02. So labor itself was a breeze, but it was recovery that was awful. And granted, the experience is different for different people, but I just wanted to share mine to give you another perspective to assist in your decision how to have your precious little one.

Thank you for the updates! :) Yay for a non-breached baby boy!


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