Friday, November 7, 2008

Shower Time!!!

So, Sunday I had a baby shower. I still think it's weird that I would even be having a baby shower... I'm having a baby!!

My best friend in the whole wide world put it together (with a help of a few other friends, of course.) She WAY out did herself! I knew she would... that's just the kind of friend she is.

I came in the door and saw the table, and a GORGEOUS present in the middle

Wait a second... that's not a present... THAT'S THE CAKE!!! Wow, what an awesome cake. It was red velvet too, my favorite.

Here are my hostesses: Ashley, Carissa, (fat me), Jennifer

Here is one of my favorite people with a rattle fruit pie (which I just finished the last of for breakfast this morning.) I was so touched that she wanted to be a part of the shower. She sent out the invites, and flew here on a weekend off from her Orchestra job in Naples, Florida. She is a newly wed, and her husband is living in Illinois where he is a professor at Wheaton. She has been splitting her time between her job in Florida, and her heart in Illinois. She chose to spend one of those precious weekends she could have spent with her new husband celebrating her friend. It meant SO much to me. This is after I had the wrong date written down in my calendar for her wedding shower back in March. I got a call from one of the other hostesses (yes, I was a hostess for this event) asking where I was. I couldn't believe I had the wrong day, especially since it was the day after my birthday! A funny side note about her shower: all the other hostesses at her shower were pregnant at the time. They were all talking about being pregnant, and at the time I did not think I was able to get pregnant on my own. I left the shower kind of bummed wondering how and when and even if I would ever get to be pregnant. Well, turns out I was 1 day pregnant at the shower myself!! Ashley, thank you so much for being there... that was the best present of the whole shower!

Jennifer put together some really fun games for the shower. I am usually not a fan of shower games, and there are some pretty awful and embarrassing ones for baby showers, but this one was great! I had never heard of it before. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. In the picture above there are packages spelling "It's a Boy." There was a baby related item in each bag that started with the corresponding letter. We were supposed to guess what it was. Me and my mom and my friend Janelle worked collaboratively and came up with the most correct items :-)

And this is me at home with only a portion of the gifts shown. Jarrod had a good time going through all the packages to see what we got.

I was overwhelmed to say the least at the shower itself. All the thought and preparation that went into it, and the graciousness of Jarrods granparents for giving us such a great venue to have it in. Then all the people who gave of their time to come, not to mention the wonderful gifts that my baby has now. He actually owns things! I'm feeling a little closer to ready for him now.

Speaking of being ready for him, I wrote down the baby related activities coming up. There is one every week until the baby is born... look how soon he is coming:

  • Nov. 9th : baby shower at church
  • Nov. 15th: Child birth class!!! AHH!
  • Nov. 18th: Sonogram and Dr. Appt. (sonogram is just a quick run in to find out if he's still breech so we can schedule the C Section at the Drs appointment if he is)
  • Nov. 23rd : a tour of the maternity ward where we will deliver. (our childbirth class is at a different hospital. Jarrod was playing with Charleston Symphony the weekend we had originally planned to have the class.)
  • Nov. 28 : Thanksgiving, and my mom helping me organize the nursery
  • Dec. 2nd: breastfeeding class
  • Then: BABY ANY DAY!!!!

In between all the fun baby stuff, we also have Thanksgiving and a wedding anniversary (4 years!!) I have a feeling this will be a pretty busy fast moving last 4-5 weeks we have left!


GloryandGrace said...

Aww, I SO WISH I could've been there, and I know the girls gave you a wonderful shower - I love the pictures, especially the expression on your face in the last one :)

Aaron and April said...

Please quit calling yourself fat!! There's a baby in there and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly it all falls off, especially if you're breastfeeding. Sorry I had to miss it too!! Even if I had planned on being there, I would've missed it. Supid gall bladder!!

Janelle said...

The shower was fun - I really did like the "guess what's in the package" game. I was so happy to be included.

It looks like your calendar is full, but I know the wait is getting harder and harder.


jennypen said...

You were radiant, Stef - completely glowing.


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