Monday, December 1, 2008

Long post, it's been a while...

Looks like Phoebe may be getting a pretty big little brother.

This is a "complication" (I wouldn't call it that) that we did not see coming. Everyone who asks me how far along I am mentions that I look so small to be so close to my due date. My weight gain has been right on track with what the books say, (and up until recently a little less). So when the doctor measured me last week and said that it looks like I have a 7+lbs baby already, I was a little surprised.

I had an appointment today, and he said the baby seems to be between 7.5 - 8 lbs already. He scheduled me for a sonogram to do an estimate on weight on Wednesday.

This is kind of a funny twist in the pregnancy. He was breech until very recently, making me think I was going to need a C-section. I came to terms with a C-section, and actually felt relieved about delivering that way. Then the baby turned, forcing me to think about getting this baby out of me the natural way. I went back and forth for a while trying to justify having a C-section anyway, for fear of child birth. A few weeks ago, I really had a peace about having a vaginal birth, and was looking forward to having the baby placed on my abdomen immediately after birth. I was super excited about gaining some mobility after the baby is born. It is so much harder for me to get up and down, and turn over in bed, and get in and out of cars and bathtubs. I was looking forward to delivering the baby, then being able to flip over in bed easily. I had actually visualized pushing the baby out, and then them placing him on belly and getting to meet him with an accompaning sense of accomplishment knowing that I delivered this boy. I thought about how proud Jarrod would be of me after going through that ordeal. Now, I am looking at the possibility of a C-section again.

Yes, I know many women who have delivered large babies vaginally (my mother being one of them... and with no pain medication, sorry mom). I also know that I am not too keen on anything traveling through that area of my body in the first place, let alone if it's too tight of a squeeze. The doctor that I use recommends a C-section for babies who are over 9lbs.

So, we'll see what the sonogram has to say on Wednesday, although those aren't entirely accurate. But, if the doctor thinks he's large with his 25 years of experience, and the sonogram confirms his suspision... there probably isn't much chance of this being a nice 6-7 lb baby. When I took the paperwork to the receptionist to schedule my sonogram appointment, I saw on the sheet that the doctor had written as the reason for the sonogram: "Clinically large baby" YIKES.

In other news, I feel pretty ready for him. My mom was in town over thanksgiving, and came over on Friday to help me get everything organized and washed and set up in the baby's room. At this point, I don't think I need anything else! (I am waiting on two packages in the mail 1. a miracle blanket that some friends insisted is a great investment 2. my restoration hardware goodies from my hostesses at my shower!!) We have installed the car seat in the car and it's being checked by the fire department tomorrow, his diaper bag is packed, his clothes blankets and towels are clean, his bottles are washed, his drawers are organized, his clothes are put away. I don't have my hospital bags packed, although I don't think I'm in any rush to get that done, seeing as though the baby has not dropped yet, and I'm only barely .5 cm dialated. I guess the baby heard it was getting pretty cold here. He's nice and comfortable in his warm little bubble and doesn't seem to be in a hurry to arrive. (honestly, I think I'm in that comfortable bubble too. I realize that I have NO idea how drastically life is going to change in a matter of days from now.) But...

I believe in a sovereign God who decided to open my womb at this particular period in my life. He will provide the best exit strategy for the little guy. He has been preparing Jarrod and I's hearts for parenthood... and although I have my fears, I know that the Lord has given me the strength to endure both childbirth, whichever way it happens, as well as motherhood. He has provided me a great support system, and a cute little puppy. What more could I ask for?

Enjoy the pics and video:


Aaron and April said...

Girl get that bag packed!! You never know what you might find out on Wednesday. Remember what happened to Aaron and I. We went in to the doctor and we were sent immediately to the hospital. If you need to know what all to take, let me know and I can email you the list that we talked about before.

Michael is very excited about having a little cousin!! Know that you're in our thoughts and prayers right now. You're so right that God is in total control. It was hard for me to see in our situation, but looking back He had His hand on Michael and Aaron and I the entire time.

Kisses to Levi!!

jennypen said...

I love the family pic of the three of you in Levi's room. You'll have to reenact in in a couple weeks when he's not in your belly. I've said it before, but your nursery is the most beautiful I've ever seen - you really have a gift for this. I'm looking forward to Wednesday!

GloryandGrace said...

I'm so glad you posted ~ it's getting to the point now where every day I wonder how you are doing and when Levi is going to arrive. I think I stopped counting after about 6 times that I thought of you today :) And that's not counting yesterday when one of my friends here brought her brand new baby girl to church!!

Praying for you, thinking of you, praying for you, wishing I was there, praying for you...hopefully you get the idea :)

Amber said...

Awww, your nursery looks so perfect! Thank you for the update and pics. And to add to what Aaron and April said, you also never know if your water unexpectedly breaks. It can't hurt to have those bags packed... I surprised my parents and came a whole month early. They didn't even have a crib set up, much less bags packed! ;)

Carissa said...

It is definitely a hard thing to get worked out in your mind that a child is going to be coming out of your body. I was the same way with Julie. I also was able to get a peace about childbirth before she came. You're right God created the baby in your womb and he knows the way he will be born. Keep trusting and praying and he will bring you thru. I had to keep on reminding myself that women have been bearing children long before I can even imagine. I am so excited for your heart to burst wide open when Levi comes into this world. It's like nothing you have ever felt and it truly cannot be explained in words. Okay - I love you and am praying and thinking about you each day! Please email me where you will be delivering. MUAH!


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