Friday, January 9, 2009

Levi turns one month!

Dear Levi,

Today you turned one month old. Your mommy and daddy have enjoyed getting to know you and falling in love with you. I have to admit, when the nurse came into my hospital room about 2 hours after you were born and asked if I wanted to nurse you - I didn't know what to think or how I felt. I had only seen you for about 10 minutes in the operating room at that point. I remember being so excited to see you again, but at the same time I felt a little strange because I wasn't quite sure who you were. It wasn't until a few days after you were born that I really began to understand that you were my child. Now, as you are sitting in my lap trying to go to sleep, I can say that you have completely captured my heart. Nothing has ever given me more joy than looking into your giant blue eyes. Nothing is more exciting to your daddy and I than watching your little sleep smiles and giggles. We are always try to capture those moments on video so that we can remember these times with you. Part of me is sad that one whole month of your life has already passed while part of me can't wait to watch you grow up.

I want to thank you for being such an easy baby. You hardly ever cry or fuss, although you do grunt quite a bit. At night, you let me know it's time to eat by grunting a little bit about every four hours. During the day you eat, then are wide awake for about an hour before falling asleep. Sometimes you fuss a little when it's time to sleep, but if you're given a pacifier and swaddled you are content as can be. I usually have to wake you up when it's time to eat again. I love the looks you get on your face when you eat. I love how utterly satisfied you look when you are full. I love the little bird noises you make in your sleep. I love how you put your arms out like you're flying when we burp you.

Your daddy loves you so much. He calls you his little guy or his little man. He loves to hold you, and he especially loves you to sleep on his chest. I often catch him hovering over you while you sleep to make sure you are still breathing. He gave you your first bottle today. For some reason, almost every time he changes your diaper you pee on him (well, most of it usually hits the wall). And although you have pooped all over our bed, peed on our toothbrushes and walls, and wake us up all night long - we couldn't be more thrilled to have you join our family.

I am satisfied. God has given us such an amazing gift in you, and has provided for all of our needs. It is my prayer that I will please the Lord in how I raise you.

Levi, you have changed our lives and you have filled our hearts. Please don't grow up too fast.

Your very proud Momma


GloryandGrace said...

Oh my goodness, this was the best and sweetest thing you could have written to capture all of your thoughts and emotions in this first month of being a mommy. I hope you will preserve it in some way other than the blog so that you can show it to Levi years down the road~ I love you friend~

jennypen said...

Oh my goodness! I should have watched the montage first; I couldn't see the first part through my tears from your letter. He couldn't possibly be any sweeter! I've seen Jarrod in him this whole time, but I saw YOU when he smiled. I LOVED seeing his little paws in his outfit, the sleep smiles, the awake smile, and him looking up after bath time while his daddy held him. Oh, my arms want to hold him and I want to give him kisses. I love that little boy. I know it's hard to see him grow up, but it will all stay just as sweet. You're such a sweet mom for savoring it all. :o)


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