Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Since he has to grow up anyway...

It breaks my heart to announce that my little Levi has officially graduated from Newborn outfits to 3 month outfits.

But, outfits like these make the transition a little more tolerable:

This one is compliments of G-money, my dad, and is SO true. This boy has ruined so many outfits because of his "dangerous" booty.

This one was a gift from Jarrods bro and girlfriend, and what he wore on his first trip to church! Jarrod got him ready for church while I got myself ready. When I first saw my little tiny baby in this outfit I almost cried. He went from looking like a newborn to a little boy! How cute is he?

Church was good, except he was supposed to sleep the whole time but decided he wanted to stay awake. He was content, but he makes these grunting sounds even when he's happy, so we hung out in the nursery.

If you missed my last post, I made a compilation of pictures and videos for his one month birthday. Scroll down a bit to see it.


Aaron and April said...

It is a little sad. Wait until almost 6 months have passed and he's almost mobile and almost sitting up. It makes me sad, but I wouldn't want to go back for anything. I was in my doctor's office Monday and heard a non-stress test going on. Hearing the baby's heartbeat really made me go back. I wouldn't want to be pregnant again, but I remember how much I enjoyed all of it.

Cherish every moment because it really is true that it all goes by very quickly.

GloryandGrace said...

He does look like a little man in his church outfit!

Goodness...how quickly you blink and he's already growing. I echo your sis-in-law - cherish every moment!

Wish I could be there to meet the little man :)


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