Saturday, February 21, 2009

Longview, TX

I am in a La Quinta Inn and Suites in Longview, TX. Jarrod got called to play a concert here, and so Levi and Phoebe and I decided to come along (Good thing La Quintas are pet friendly). The symphony pays for a single hotel room for Jarrod, and I like to attend all of his concerts when possible.

When I gave birth to Levi, I also lost a good portion of my brain, I think. I am having the hardest time comprehending things lately, and my memory is not at all what it used to be... but I will never forget the last time I was in Longview.

For having such a bad memory lately, I remember last time I was in Longview so vividly. I am remembering the smallest details of the last time I was here. I remember the conversation that the people sitting at the table next to us at breakfast were having. I remember what the bar tender looked like at the Chilis where we ate. I remember where we were sitting, what we were eating, and that the Mavericks game was on. I remember a guy with a laptop sitting by himself at the Chilis.

It was the weekend of April 17-19. I had been feeling a little queezy for a few days. On the ride down to Longview, I thought about the possibility of being pregnant. I, not knowing how morning sickness worked, thought about paying attention to what time of the day I felt sick to see if it was the same each day. I remember driving to the mall in Longview at around 2:00 and feeling sick. The the next day I was anxiously awaiting 2:00 hoping to feel queezy. 2:00 came and went with no sick feeling. Later that evening I felt it again. Maybe I just had a bug? I mentioned feeling a little sick to Jarrod a few times, and he never questioned it. I was hoping he wouldn't, because I really thought I could be prengnant, and if he asked me if I thought I was, my face wouldn't be able to hide what I was thinking. (I always dreamed of surprising my husband with the news.) So, this was on my mind the entire trip.

At one point in the trip, we went to a bookstore. I had just finished Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (which if you have not read this book YOU HAVE TO!!!). I wanted to read another one of her books. I looked them all over, and read the backs of each one. Then I saw one with an illustration of a pregnant girl on the cover. I didn't even have to read the back... that's the one I got. I remember sitting in Jarrods rehearsal, reading my new book about a girl finding out she was pregnant, wondering if I was.

I ended up taking a pregnancy test in a Walmart bathroom stall when we got back into town. It was positive!

Last time I was in Longview, I was daydreaming about the possibility of having a baby. This time I'm in Longview with our beautiful son (who slept for almost eight hours last night!!!!)

I like Longview.


GloryandGrace said...

This is so sweet, thanks for sharing how significant such a seemingly insignificant town may be to others :)

Was it Atonement Child that you read? You HAVE to read The Mark of the Lion series, my favorite by her hands down, I think even more than Redeeming Love~

You Little O Wife said...

I heart Longview! (It's where my hubby is from.) Next time you're there, visit Barron's Bookstore and's a too cute store with good food and coffee.

jeniferkarianne said...

I hope congratulations is in order. I'm glad you had a great time in Longview. You always seem to have a positive attitude! Love ya!

GloryandGrace said...

Are we going to see a 3-month post soon??? :)


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