Monday, March 23, 2009

One of us is not quite ready

This past Sunday at church during one of the worship songs, I decided I would take Levi back to the nursery. I went back to the sound area where Jarrod was doing the slides for the songs and asked him what he thought. He said if I'm okay with it, he's okay with it. Levi is a good boy at church... but I'm so worried about him making a peep, I usually can't pay attention. Or I need to leave to change him, etc.

I have never left him with anyone but a grandparent. Even then, it's in his environment.

So, I took him back to the nursery, explained his whole life story to the three adults in the room. Told them he couldn't sit up on his own yet, so he would need to be held, or on a pallet in the floor. I went ahead and made up a pallet on the floor for him and reluctantly left. I took a pager with me and told them even if he is only a little fussy to go ahead and page me.

I went back to the sanctuary in time for one more worship song, and then the sermon. I told myself that everything was fine... if he gets fussy they'll call. If I really wanted to, I could go check on him too. I decided to wait a few minutes before I checked on him. I kept looking at my pager. I wasn't sure if it lit up, or vibrated, or both, or what. I put it on my legs in case it vibrated, and I put it where I could see it in case it lit up. I sat there nervously and was so proud because I made it through the entire sermon. I decided when our pastor closed with prayer that I would slip out and go back there. I would miss the benediction, some scripture, the invitation, etc... but I figured I had tormented myself long enough.

As I got up and headed to the doors in the back of the sanctuary, guess what I saw? Jarrod holding my little sleeping boy! I asked him how long he had been in there, and he said he got him out of the nursery as soon as worship was over! There I was in church being so proud of myself for leaving him in there, while my baby boy was asleep four rows back! Turns out he was in the nursery for probably all of five minutes.

I guess Jarrod's not quite ready for his baby boy to go to the nursery.


Aaron and April said...

That's so funny!! The first time we took Michael to the nursery we checked on him in between Bible Life Group and worship. Then I got up after the worship songs before the sermon started and went to check on him again. I'm sure the nursery workers thought I was crazy or didn't trust them. To this day, we still check on him in between Bible Life Group and service. Don't know if I'll ever NOT be able to check on him.

You Little O Wife said...

I love reading the stories about your family. You are so blessed, Stef~


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