Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had a jam packed fun filled Easter weekend. First, my Grandpa turned 90 years old! We had a party for him at the American Legion down in Gun Barrel City.

It was a fun day because he got to play with his Granny and Grandpa, his Aunt April and Uncle Aaron, and his cousin Michael.
My mom is pretty happy getting to hold both of her grandkids at the same time:

Michael and Levi played together as well as a four month and nine month old could. Michael thought Levi was an interesting toy, and went straight for his eyes. Michael is now all over the place, crawling and pulling up! What a big boy. It's fun to see him, and think about what stages are coming up in little Levi's life. I need to take advantage of Levi's non mobility while I can!

On Easter morning, Jarrod had a gig at another church, so Levi and I went alone to our church. On the drive to church, I turned down off the radio, and explained to Levi who God is, who Jesus is, what Jesus did for us, and why we celebrate Easter. Have you ever delivered the gospel message to a baby / small child, who doesn't know about God? It was harder than I thought it would be. I had to establish who God is, then why there needed to be a Savior, then tell him about the sacrifice that Jesus made, and the hope we now have in Him. That's hard to explain on such an elementary level. It actually gave me a new perspective on the gospel. I told him that I hope that one day he would invite Jesus to live inside of his heart so that he could be made clean enough to enter into the presence of our Holy God and live forever in Heaven. I'm not sure it all sunk in :-), but he was kicking his feet and smiling and enjoying the sound of my voice none the less.

Then that afternoon, Jarrod had his annual Easter concert with the Dallas Symphony. They usually play out at Lee park in Oak Lawn, but this year (and last year) the weather had them move into the Meyerson. I thought this would be a good opportunity for Levi to hear his Daddy play with the symphony, since it was a casual free concert. I was wrong. He was way too talkative, and mommy and baby enjoyed the concert from the lobby.

Here is Levi and Daddy just before the concert:

Phew! That was a long fun weekend. I think I'll take a nap with my easter duck.

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Amber said...

Levi looks so much like you, Stephanie! How adorable...


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