Thursday, April 9, 2009

Four Months Old

Dear Levi,

Today you turn four months old! You are getting stronger and smarter every day. Your cheeks get a little bigger every day too, the first thing that people say when they meet you for the first time is "what are you feeding that kid?"

We have started to see some more of your personally coming out, and I think you're going to be an independent boy. Up to this point in your life, you hardly ever fussed and never cried. That has changed a little bit. You are more particular about where you want to be, and what you want to play with. You have realized that you have an opinion and that you can voice it to get what you want. I like that. I was worried that you would be a pushover, because of how gentle and quiet you were all the time.

You love to be rocked to sleep, but when it's time to play, you don't want to be held. In fact, you don't even want to lie down. You want to either be sitting or standing. You're pretty good at sitting on your own for a minute or so at a time. Your favorite thing to do is still sit or stand in front of the mirror.

You have also learned to use your hands much better. You can suck on your fingers, you can grab for interesting objects, and you can put those things in your mouth.

You still don't do a great job of lifting your head up when you're on our tummy, but we're not worried about that since you can almost sit by yourself. You'll put your head up when you feel like it, and that's just fine be me.

You have a favorite toy: your caterpillar. You love to suck on it's feet, and your eyes light up when I bring it to you.

You got a haircut this month. Actually, you got two. The first one by your daddy, not a great one - then the second by your grandma - much better. Now that I look at pictures of your pre-haircut, I realize that we should have done it much much sooner. You were a shaggy little guy.

You have started rice cereal, which has been fun. You like to eat with the spoon, although you get tired of it pretty quickly. Now that I've been adding some formula and rice cereal to your bottle, you're not waking up hungry every four hours anymore. You've been consistently sleeping through the night, and you slept almost ten hours last night!! I'm so proud of you!

Your daddy and I LOVE to watch you when we put you down to go to sleep. I guess because your tummy is so full, you are just SO happy. You smile all over your whole face and we can't get enough of it.

While you have become more opinionated this month, you are still such a good baby. Sometimes I can't get over how blessed we are that God gave you to us. You bring an indescribable joy to our family, and I will work my whole life trying to make you know how much I love you, and try to return a little of that joy to you. Thank God for you, my big big baby boy.

Your Proud Momma

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Joanna Mitcham said...

the montage was soooo cute. Katie and I loved watching it. He is growing up so fast and he is simply gorgeous..cheeks and all.
I love the pic of Ms Debbie cutting his hair also...many times she did that for my girls and the memories came flooding back into my thoughts when I saw that.
Too cute and thanks for sharing.


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