Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Seven Months!!

Levi turned a whopping seven months on the ninth! I feel like I'm doing one of these slideshows every week, he's growing up too fast! My big ole 21lb boy!

There aren't too many new milestones this month. He has been going from a sitting position to on his tummy... but then cries because he doesn't know what to do from there. Poor boy has still only rolled over the one time.

He has a very consistent sleep pattern now. I don't love it, but it could be SO much worse. He goes to bed around 9:00 every night, then like clockwork needs to be fed at 5:30am. (there are usually at least two trips into his room to put in his paci too). I give him is 5:30 bottle in the crib. He usually holds it while I lay my head on his crib. He goes immediately back to to sleep until around 8:00. He can usually only stay up one hour max and then it's a LONG nap, anywhere from 2-4 hours! (Occasionally I will take that nap with him :-)

Last month he was a fussy guy, but I figured out it was sleep deprivation. We were trying to keep him unswaddled, and he just never ever got a good nap. The boy will NOT take a nap without being swaddled - even if we don't do it for a few days. That was the problem. On his six month birthday I went cold turkey on the swaddling and he didn't get a good nap until about a week later when I started swaddling him for naps again. Perfect angel after that! He does however sleep at night without being swaddled, so I'm thankful for that.

This month brought his first illness :-( and he had pretty poor timing for getting sick too, the weekend we went down to visit my parents. He ran a fever up to 104! He was MISERABLE. I was very proud of him though, because he was such a trooper for how miserable he must have been. A trip to the urgent care and a dose of antibiotics later he's back to 100% - except for the rash. Turns out he's allergic to penicillin.

My boy has LUNGS! He has been doing his "scream" thing ALL the time. It's funny and cute at home, but when we go out in public it's a little embarrassing. I'm sure this phase won't last long though, so I'm enjoying every little scream he does.

These past seven months have FLOWN by, and as I pack up the clothes he's outgrown I both cry for the tiny guy he was and rejoice for the big boy he's becoming. I love this boy so much, and sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe this is really my life.


jennypen said...

Wow, how time flies! He's a big (cute & sweet) boy, that Leebi!

GloryandGrace said...

I was thinking that VERY same thing yesterday when I saw my friend from church whose boy is Levi's age - 7 MONTHS!!

I love your blog posts as you try and savor every day of these fleeting months, and we all of course love the slideshows :)


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