Thursday, July 16, 2009


I want to not care about them, but I can't help but compare Levi to other babies his age. When I see a six month old friend crawling, or a seven month old pulling up in his crib I feel a little twinge of worry. I feel relieved when I see a six month old who is still having trouble rolling over.

I'd love to say that it just doesn't concern me and my child is perfect. Well, it's easy for me to say the last part because it's SO true :-)

But earlier this week I came to this realization: The first six months of his life the milestones were small: holding his head upright, using his hands, focusing on an object, smiling (and some bigger ones like rolling over and sitting up of course). But now the stakes are MUCH higher. Soon he is going to be crawling, then pulling up, then walking. These aren't just milestones - these things transform my BABY into a TODDLER, and I'll tell you I am content to wait for that as long as possible.

These next few months of having a BABY are so precious, and I do not want to wish them away comparing him to others that have gotten to toddler hood sooner. It will be soon enough, and too soon when it's all over and I look back.

So no more comparing milestones (though I will tell you even though he's only rolled over the one time front to back, he rolled over TWICE back to front last night).

No more wondering when he'll be rolling all over the place, when he'll be crawling, when he'll be going from laying to sitting, when he'll go from sitting to standing, when he'll be walking. I'm going to be looking back months from now kicking myself for not spending more time savoring his time as a baby.

And in other news, here's a new picture of Phoebe's puppy:

We like the names: Roscoe, Calvin (after John Calvin), Elliot (after Willard Elliot), Frasier (thought TV names would be cute, Phoebe and Frasier). Roscoe is the only one that looks like it matches him - what do you think? What other names do you like? He will probably only make it to 5-10lbs like Phoebe (same breed, possibly even related, not sure - same breeder).


Amber said...

I think Frasier totally fits!

GloryandGrace said...

I vote for Calvin or Frasier :)

jennypen said...

It's a hard battle to fight, whether it's comparing your child to others or having someone else comparing them with theirs or others.

He's happy, healthy, VERY well cared for, well within the range of normal, and perfect! So be happy to keep that baby around. You've taken a great attitude about it! And when he's around his peers in a year or so, those milestones won't make a difference at all. They will ALL be walking, and rolling over and crawling will be things of the past anyway.


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