Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So, I'm pretty sure I lost my fan base (ha! all three of you) by not posting in so long.

I have had a pretty rough past few weeks.

I have almost spent every minute that I've been awake the past few weeks working on the new house. We're almost done. I need to do touch up work on the cabinets and then there is one major project left (the master bedroom.)

I love how the house is turning out. It's amazing what paint and new mouldings can do. It's also amazing how much time just painting takes!!

My heart has broken a little the past few weeks. I am utterly grateful for Levi's grandparents (my in laws). They have kept Levi everyday, sometimes 12+ hours, and they have loved it. I hate leaving Levi. It breaks my heart - and I am struggling because I feel like I'm choosing to leave him. But it's only temporary, and I think it's done him a lot of good to get used to other people taking care of him, and he gets exposed to more things and more learning opportunities when he's over there. I just miss him. Miss him like crazy!

It's almost over though. We are now into the packing stage, and trying to get our belongings over to the new house. I think I would pretty much rather do anything else (including painting or painful medical procedures) than pack and move. It's so overwhelming and hard for me. And now I have Levi to either take care of while I pack - or send him away :-(

Just thought I would update. I really just come home to sleep at night. I don't think I'm going to post any pictures of the house until it's all done. Well, it won't be all done for a long time - now that we actually have time to gradually fix up a house, we're taking advantage of it. Window treatments will have to wait, bathroom remodels will have to wait, I haven't even begun to think about how I'm going to set up the practice room. Patience is a ...


MelissaKeaster said...
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MelissaKeaster said...

Patience is a process.

Amber said...

AMEN to that! We're still faithfully checking up on you! ;) Thanks for the update. I've been busy painting myself, thanks to your previous post.

jeniferkarianne said...

virture. You have a lot of it and you'll be just fine. We're all rooting for you, and love reading whatever you have time to write! XOXO

jennypen said...

I'm your fan whether you post once a day or once a year. :o)


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