Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm feelin HOT HOT HOT

Well, actually right now I'm feeling rather cool, blogging in my nicely air conditioned apartment eating BLUE BELL COFFEE Ice Cream!!

But I was feeling HOT HOT HOT

Why? Because even though we've moved 19 times in 5 years (okay, 9 times in almost five years) we forgot to turn the utilities on at the house before we closed on it.


But, we only have a limited time to work on the house and A LOT of work to do, so we grit our teeth, stripped down to the minimal acceptable clothing in case neighbors could see in our windows and painted in an unairconditioned house with 100 degree temperatures outside.

Not exactly the most pleasant weekend ever. We got a surprising amount of work accomplished given our circumstances (no electricity, no water, 8 month old baby, etc.)
Don't you love the color we decided to paint our cabinets?

A nice country look, don't you think?

HA!! Pick yourself up off the floor, that's just the primer silly!! My favorite amenity in the kitchen: the 30 year old microwave cleverly (cleverly?) hidden in a cabinet above the stove.

The cabinet doors all lined up ready to be painted the dark rich chocolate brown.

Speaking of Chocolate brown, I completed an art project that I found in a Lowes creative ideas magazine. I just about peed in my pants when I saw it - so pretty.

Step 1. Paint your canvas that you got at JoAnne's for 50% off of $15.99 (or at least pretend like you're painting it because you forgot to get a picture of actually painting it. Don't forget your fake candid picture smile!)

2. Step 2- Align your rubber doormat that you got at Target for $19.99 on top of the canvas. The Doormat was slightly bigger than the canvas, so we taped off the outside border from the back.

Step 3. Apply your really cool $3.99 make-a-gun out of your spray paint can thingy (don't worry dad, it's not a real gun)

Step 4. Apply quick thin coats of spray paint

Step Five: Lift your doormat stencil off the canvas to reveal a BEAUTIFUL piece of art. Swoon.

Although I was originally planning on doing 4 of these, like I pictured here:
I decided on 3 because you're supposed to do things in odd numbers in design. It's a rule, I didn't make it up - but I think I might want to do 4 after all, but that would mean buying a whole 'nother can of spray paint at over $6.00 and another canvas at $8.00 so I may not. I told you we were doing this house for AS LITTLE money as possible. Including the doormat, this project only cost: $50!! And if you already had the doormat it would only cost $30!
Here they are practicing for their role in the new house:

I love them. But you wanna know what I love more:

Going on a momma baby date with the best boy on the planet to IKEA and eating momma's favorite gravy and lingonberry soaked IKEA meatballs and a free kids meal of macaroni and cheese and applesauce.


jennypen said...

I do hope you shared your dinner with that boy. ;-)

The project you did was GORGEOUS!!! I'm not a bit surprised. You should make and sell those things. You know, in your free time. And personally, I like the three. I'm sure you were curious. Ha!

Amber said...

I seriously almost had a heart attack--I thought you were serious at first about the country blue!

Man, what a great idea! I might have to copy it...

Anonymous said...

Seriously LOVE them! They are super cute! :)


You Little O Wife said...

You are such a wonderful designer! It's so inspiring for me...maybe I will be motivated to hang some pictures or decorations on the wall now that we've lived in our place for over a year. :) Also, I just have to say...I go through withdrawls over Blue Bell. There's just no ice cream like it, and unfortunately we live too far north-- it's not sold up here!

Colleen said...

Wow - what a great idea for wall art! They look great. We, on the other hand, have lived in our condo for over 2 years and still have not hung anything to cover the millions of little anchors the previous owners jammed in the walls... perhaps if you post more home improvement shots I will get motivated!

Amber said...

Stephanie, what size are the panels you used? Michaels didn't have any "door mat" comparable sizes today... :( I'll try JoAnn's next! Thanks!

Sarah Robbins said...

That is seriously the best idea ever! I am totally going to start gathering the supplies to do this! Love it.


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