Saturday, September 12, 2009



We actually now have some stuff up on our walls, and only a few boxes left to unpack.
We still have little projects to take care of all over the house, but I feel settled for the most part - and that feels marvelous!!
I thought I would show you another art project I did for the entry way. Here's the before with a giant mirror that greeted you as soon as you walked in the door. Creepy.
Here is the after. I painted the inside of the niche the same color as an accent wall in the living area it leads in to.
This art project was really easy (it has to be if I'm going to attempt it). It is just canvases covered in textured wallpaper that I painted. Lowes had their textured wallpaper on sale for something like $3 and I already had the canvases from another project that failed miserably.

I covered the canvases in wallpaper, then painted them (our cabinet color). Then I took a little of the paint I used on the wall that these go on and mixed it with the brown to make a slightly lighter hue. I very lightly rolled over the canvases with this color, and it highlighted the raised part and it barely touched the parts that weren't raised giving it a distressed look. Then I went over the raised parts again with a small brush with the plain wall color. I think the art itself turned out pretty well, I just wish it covered more of the "niche." I may have to move the canvases closer together.
Here is a detail shot

I got the canvases on sale for $2.50 I believe, so the whole project was $13!

I love doing these projects, I just wish I could think of them myself. This one came courtesy of Thrifty Decor Chick. I love her blog!


Aaron and April said...

So cute!! Love the project. You know when we get moved to Odessa you're going to have to come help me with some of those fabulous projects.

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

LOVE it! Seriously, this is beautiful. I'm going to highlight this on my FB page. ;)

Sarah Robbins said...

I am going to have to try that. I saw her's awhile ago, and have been meaning to check out the textured wallpaper ever since. You inspired me!

Barbie said...

Wow! I love this. What a difference it makes!!


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