Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nine Months

There will not be a nine month slideshow (yet) for 2 reasons.

1. We don't have internet

2. I didn't take the usual 17 pictures and videos of him a day, since I wasn't with him for most of the day during this month of his life :-(

That boy is such an amazing little patoot! He is not quite crawling, but he's getting from point A to point B. He is up on his hands and knees all the time with a lot of rocking, great backward motion, and a little bit of forward motion. He likes to crawl backwards until he is in a sitting position.

He also is saying a few words, well one for sure. His first word was "bird" (if not "daddy). He loves the "da" syllable so much it's hard to tell if it's on purpose, although it really seems to be. But he is definitely saying bird. While over at his grandma and grandaddy, he has spent quite a bit of time outside looking up at the birds and the planes. If you ask him where the birds are (even if you're inside), he'll look up. He clear as day will see a bird and say "bur."

He is doing this adorable head tilt thing that I wish I could capture on video, but he is such a turkey when we get out the camera!

He is still sleeping about 8 hours (sometimes we'll get lucky and get a 10 hour night). But he either goes straight back to sleep after a bottle, or will play for less than an hour and then take a great nap (2-3 hours). He still also needs a nap about every three hours.

He has a morning bottle around 7ish, oatmeal with fruit at 11ish, another bottle around 2-3ish, whatever we're having for dinner around 6ish, and then bedtime bottle around 9ish. He is a great eater, and other than some fruits will eat just about anything you put in front of him. He is starting to get the hang of self feeding too. What a big boy.

His grandparents got him a swing for the swingset in our backyard which he loves. He's adjusted to his new house very well.

He weighed in at 23.7 lbs and 29 inches long. He's starting to drop in percentile, but not in comments from everyone he meets about what a huge baby he is.

Jarrod and I always talk about how we can't believe how blessed we are to have him - and not only is he the cutest thing on the face of the universe - but he's such a good baby.



MelissaKeaster said...

I love reading these milestone posts because it eases the ache of leaving one stage and helps me to look forward to the next. Mine turns 7 months in a few days (the 19th), and he's getting the last little bit of wear out of his 6-9 month clothing, so I understand what it's like having a hefty little chunk--more to love!!

JennyPen said...

He is SOOO sweet! I hope to hear him say 'bur' and see the head tilt and the crawl soon!

Can't wait 'til Monday!


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