Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A sad and glorious day...

Today has been filled with many tears, from both me and Jarrod.

We welcomed our new little puppy into our home, and quickly realized it was not the right thing for our family, and through the magic of craigslist we gave him a new home 2 days later.

My heart is so heavy and at the same time I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders.

When we first decided to get our house is when we decided for sure to get the little guy. Ever since then, we have imagined our life in the new house with Levi, Phoebe, and "Roscoe." He was always part of the picture and thus already a member of our family.

He was the cutest puppy you'll ever see in your whole life, as confirmed by the 50+ (not exaggerating) calls that I received about him minutes after posting the ad to find him a new home.

Lesson learned: If you have an eight month old baby, an entire house in boxes, an active real estate career, and are trying to get the school year started with a private lesson studio, bringing a needy puppy into the picture will only stress you out to the level of not even being able to see straight.

I knew the first night we had him he couldn't stay. He barks in his crate and Levi can't nap. He has to be constantly watched when outside his crate so that he can be taught not to potty inside and not to chew on cell phone chargers making it immensely difficult to chase your newly crawling (creeping really) son and feed him and change his diaper and put him down for a nap and dig through boxes and try to figure out where you packed your hairdryer, and clean the dog's throw up while making sure the other dog doesn't poop while making sure Levi doesn't pull the dog's tail and that the dog doesn't chew on Levi's toes and on and on and on and on. It also isn't great when you go to bed at 11 and get up at to put Levi's paci in at 12, the dog wakes up at 1 and you take him outside for 30 minutes and never does anything, and you go back to sleep at 1:30 and are awoken at 3 and need to put Levi's paci in, and then at 3:30 to take the dog out again, and then at 6 to give Levi a bottle, and then take a nap and then are awoken to Jehovah's witnesses who Phoebe thinks are attackers and gives her scariest growls and barks and holding your son who didn't quite get his nap out and making sure the puppy doesn't escape through the open door while trying to shed some light to these "witnesses."


And while I feel like I can actually get ONE thing done now that he's gone, we are sad. We are so sad. It really hurts my heart (and my bank account!!)


You Little O Wife said...

Oh, I'm so sorry, that had to have been so hard. But better to have made that difficult decision now than a month or two from now after more bonding.

jeniferkarianne said...

I'm sorry Steph! I'm glad you found him a good home, but I'm sad that you had to give him away! XO


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