Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tricks and Treats!

Levi's New Trick:

Levi's First Treat:

He had his first tastes of candy over at Grandma and Grandaddy's house. He loved the twizzler from the neighbor! This is the first time I'd ever seen a turkey eat a twizzler :-)

Isn't he the most irresistible turkey you've ever seen?

My mom called him a butterball. I think that's an approriate name for him (Turkey costume or not)

Looking for Acorns. One of is favorite things to do. Too bad Daddy sucked them all up in the shop vac today. The deck was COVERED

He found a few left over Acorns.

Speaking of Acorns, we have some of the most bizarre looking acorns I've ever seen in our front yard. Maybe you all have seen acorns that look like this, but this was new and shocking to me when I saw them for the first time shortly after moving in.

Here are the nice friendly normal acorns that Levi plays with in our backyard:

And here are the monster acorns on steriods that come off of our tree in the front yard:

I am a little concerned that one of these acorns are going to do some serious damage to one of our brains! Can you imagine that acorn falling from 20 feet and landing on your head? We were outside today collecting some of them to put in a vase for some nice fall decor, and as we were discussing them falling off our tree, THREE came barrelling down to the ground. They were no where near us, but we decided to look at my car and saw 2 dents in the trunk area where they have fallen onto the car. Good reason to get the garage cleared out and functional!

Hope you all had a nice safe Halloween!


You Little O Wife said...

That was the CUTEST costume I have ever seen!!! He's adorable.

G-Money said...

The big acorn is from a Burr Oak tree.


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