Monday, November 2, 2009

This one's for Granny

Granny, the librarian.

Today was Levi's first trip to the public library. He loved it! We picked out books about puppies and airplanes - his favorites! Next time I'll look for something about the moon, also his favorite. He had a nice time playing with the toys and seeing the other children. After we had gotten all of our books we went out to the creek behind the library to watch the ducks. Levi particularly enjoyed the geese and their very loud vocal display. They were not scared of Levi, and Levi was certainly not afraid of them. I had to keep them separated.

I think next week we're going to attend the story time for 1 year olds. ONE YEAR OLDS! Exactly one year ago today was my baby shower, and today I spent the day making invitations to his first birthday. I just can't believe it.

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MelissaKeaster said...

First of all, you have an AWESOME library--something I cannot claim. Second, honestly I feel your pain. Micah will turn 9 months on the 19th. This 9 months was WAY faster than those of my pregnancy. It's really not fair. I got choked up when you started talking about invitations. This growing up stuff kills me!


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