Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pier Family

Levi is very interested in reading and identifying things right now. We can hardly go thirty minutes without reading. If he had his way, he would be read to every minute that he wasn't eating or swinging or watching the washing machine. (his grandma introduced him to the wonderful world of the washing machine, and he asks me about thirty times a day to watch our washing machine - and sometimes has pretty big meltdowns when he is denied.)

This boy can identify all his farm animals, even on pictures he's never seen before. He can also pick out circles, squares (although he does get squares and rectangles confused sometimes), ovals, and stars - he has trouble with diamonds and triangles.

I thought my family would be interested in seeing Levi point to people in the picture. This book is now Levi's book, since Phoebe already destroyed the corner. It's pretty beat up, because Levi LOVES to "read" this one!

On my youtube page, you can also see Levi saying "grandpa" and pointing to the groomsmen and the Robertson family.

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