Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What do you think????? Please leave a comment

So, we are painting the shutters and trim... and I can't decide if i want to do the shutters in black or cream. Look at the pictures and leave a comment with your opinion.

Here is a pic with all of them. The window on the left only has one black shutter painted. The shutters on the second window over are two different colors (although you can't really tell in the picture)
The shutter on the left is the color that we would paint if we choose cream. The trim above will be this color regardless.

Here is the black shutter. I only had enough sample to paint to paint one shutter. If we choose black, we'll still paint the eves above that cream color.

Tell me what think! :-)


Curt said...

black shutter for sure

Curt said...

but I'm a dude so maybe I don't know which one looks better.

jennypen said...

Did you already make up your mind?


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